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The CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems) is a project launched by the Indian government to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of law enforcement agencies. It is a mission mode project that was initiated in 2009, and it aims to create a comprehensive and integrated system for law enforcement agencies to share real-time information on crimes and criminals.
The project envisions the creation of a nationwide network that connects all the police stations in the country. The key objective of the CCTNS project is to develop a single platform to share crime and criminal information among all the law enforcement agencies in India, including the State Police, Central Investigative Agencies, and Intelligence Agencies.
The CCTNS project is also aimed at creating a centralized database of crimes and criminals to help the law enforcement agencies link various criminal activities and patterns. It will help to identify repeat offenders and, thus, reduce crime rates in the country.
The progress of the CCTNS project has been impressive since its inception. A significant number of police stations across the country have already been connected to the CCTNS network. The online reporting of crimes and the integration of various databases and services are crucial features of the project.
The CCTNS project is also essential for the development of various law enforcement applications. It includes applications like the Crime Criminals Search and Investigation Tracking System (CCSITS), which enable police officials to search for a criminal's background information and criminal activities.
The CCTNS project is also expected to reduce the burden on the police personnel by automating the manual process and making it more efficient. It will also help to reduce the time required to file FIRs and other legal procedures.
In conclusion, the CCTNS project is a valuable asset for the Indian Law enforcement agencies. It has the potential to bring a significant change in the way crimes are reported and dealt with in the country. With the continuous development of the CCTNS network and the integration of various databases and services, the project is expected to improve the safety and security of citizens in India.

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"The Central government is implementing an ambitious scheme called "Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS)".

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CCTNS would be implemented in alignment with the NeGP principle of "centralized planning and de-centralized implementation". MHA and NCRB would play a key role in planning the program in collaboration with the Police leadership within States, in the development of a few core components and in monitoring and reviewing the program. ...

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