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All router models are built with a web based admin and login management where you can login to change various router settings such as WiFi network name, create and manage guest users, broadband bandwidth, number of users, passwords. However, each router model brand have their own IP Address and each have a different method of logging in to the settings page. Below there is a list of most popular and trending router model brands, simply click on a model and you will be taken to it's instructions on how one can login to the router settings. A list of all Wifi Router Model Brands and their login procedures. Each brand model has different ways to access their backend. Select your wifi router model brand to find the steps to login to your wifi router. Select Model Routers from the list below:

D-Link DIR-615A1D-Link DIR-615B2D-Link DIR-615C1D-Link DIR-615DD-Link DIR-615D2D-Link DIR-615E1D-Link DIR-615E3 / E4D-Link DIR-615E3/E4D-Link DIR-615E5D-Link DIR-615F3D-Link DIR-615G1D-Link DIR-615H1D-Link DIR-615I1D-Link DIR-615I3D-Link DIR-615K1D-Link DIR-615K2D-Link DIR-615M1D-Link DIR-615N1D-Link DIR-615Q2D-Link DIR-615R1D-Link DIR-615R1 (ver A)D-Link DIR-615S rev A1D-Link DIR-615S1D-Link DIR-615T1D-Link DIR-615T3D-Link DIR-618D-Link DIR-618 rev A1D-Link DIR-618 rev B1D-Link DIR-618A1D-Link DIR-618B1D-Link DIR-619 rev A1D-Link DIR-619A1D-Link DIR-619L rev A1D-Link DIR-619L rev B1D-Link DIR-619LA1D-Link DIR-619LB1D-Link DIR-620 rev A1D-Link DIR-620 rev A1AD-Link DIR-620 rev B1D-Link DIR-620 rev C1D-Link DIR-620 rev D1D-Link DIR-620 rev E1D-Link DIR-620 rev F1D-Link DIR-620 rev G1D-Link DIR-620A/A1AD-Link DIR-620A/E1AD-Link DIR-620A1ED-Link DIR-620B1D-Link DIR-620B1ED-Link DIR-620C1D-Link DIR-620D/F1AD-Link DIR-620D1D-Link DIR-620F1D-Link DIR-620S/C1D-Link DIR-620S/G1AD-Link DIR-625 rev A1D-Link DIR-625 rev A2D-Link DIR-625 rev C1D-Link DIR-625 rev C2D-Link DIR-625AD-Link DIR-625A1D-Link DIR-625A2D-Link DIR-625C1D-Link DIR-625C2D-Link DIR-626LD-Link DIR-626L rev A1D-Link DIR-626LA1D-Link DIR-627D-Link DIR-627A1D-Link DIR-628 rev A1D-Link DIR-628 rev A2D-Link DIR-628A1D-Link DIR-628A2D-Link DIR-632D-Link DIR-632A1D-Link DIR-635 rev A1D-Link DIR-635 rev B1D-Link DIR-635 rev B3D-Link DIR-635A1D-Link DIR-635B1D-Link DIR-635B3D-Link DIR-636L rev A1D-Link DIR-636LA1D-Link DIR-640LD-Link DIR-640LA1D-Link DIR-645 rev A1D-Link DIR-645A1D-Link DIR-645L rev A1D-Link DIR-645LA1D-Link DIR-651 rev AxD-Link DIR-651A1D-Link DIR-651A1 / A2D-Link DIR-651A1/A2D-Link DIR-652 rev A1D-Link DIR-652 rev B1D-Link DIR-652A1D-Link DIR-652B1D-Link DIR-653 rev A1D-Link DIR-653A1D-Link DIR-655 rev A1/A2D-Link DIR-655 rev A3D-Link DIR-655 rev A4D-Link DIR-655 rev B1D-Link DIR-655 rev C1D-Link DIR-655AD-Link DIR-655A1/A2D-Link DIR-655A3D-Link DIR-655A4D-Link DIR-655B1D-Link DIR-655C1D-Link DIR-657D-Link DIR-657A1D-Link DIR-660D-Link DIR-660A1D-Link DIR-665 rev A1D-Link DIR-665A1D-Link DIR-685D-Link DIR-685A1D-Link DIR-802 rev A1D-Link DIR-802A1D-Link DIR-803 rev A1D-Link DIR-803 rev B1D-Link DIR-803A1D-Link DIR-803B1D-Link DIR-806A rev A1D-Link DIR-806AA1D-Link DIR-808L rev A1D-Link DIR-808LA1D-Link DIR-809 rev A1D-Link DIR-809 rev A2D-Link DIR-809A1D-Link DIR-809A2D-Link DIR-810L rev A1D-Link DIR-810L rev B1D-Link DIR-810LA1D-Link DIR-810LB1D-Link DIR-815D-Link DIR-815/AC D1D-Link DIR-815 rev A1D-Link DIR-815 rev B1D-Link DIR-815 rev C1D-Link DIR-815 rev D1D-Link DIR-815A1D-Link DIR-815B1D-Link DIR-815C1D-Link DIR-816 rev A1D-Link DIR-816A1D-Link DIR-816L rev A1D-Link DIR-816LA1D-Link DIR-818L rev A1