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All router models are built with a web based admin and login management where you can login to change various router settings such as WiFi network name, create and manage guest users, broadband bandwidth, number of users, passwords. However, each router model brand have their own IP Address and each have a different method of logging in to the settings page. Below there is a list of most popular and trending router model brands, simply click on a model and you will be taken to it's instructions on how one can login to the router settings. A list of all Wifi Router Model Brands and their login procedures. Each brand model has different ways to access their backend. Select your wifi router model brand to find the steps to login to your wifi router. Select Model Routers from the list below:

Edimax BR-6479GnEdimax BR-6488ACEdimax BR-6504nEdimax BR-6524nEdimax BR-6673ACEdimax BR-6675nDEdimax Gemini RG21SEdimax Gemini RG21S1.0AEdimax PS-1205UWgEdimax PS-1208UWg / PS-1208MFgEdimax RG21S1.0AEDUP EP-2655EDUP EP-9501NEDUP WAR-54M-01EDUPLINK EPLINK-9001EE Bright Box2EE Smart Hubeero A010001eero B010001 (2nd Generation)eero Home (A010001)eero Home Wi-Fi System (A010001)eero J010001eero Pro (B010001)eero Pro (B010001) (2nd Gen)EHome EH100Elecom WRH-150BK / WRH-150WHEltel ET-5300Eltel ET5300V1EMC Tech MS-5400REnable Networks CR3000Encore ENDSL-4R5GEncore ENHWI-1AN42Encore ENHWI-1AN4MEncore ENHWI-2AN3Encore ENHWI-2AN42Encore ENHWI-3GN3Encore ENHWI-GEncore ENHWI-G3Encore ENHWI-NEncore ENHWI-N2Encore ENHWI-N3EnGenius EIR900EnGenius EMR3000v2EnGenius EMR3500EnGenius EMR5000EnGenius EnMesh (EMR3000 v1)EnGenius EnMesh (EMR3000 v2)EnGenius EnMesh (EMR3000v1)EnGenius EnMesh (EMR3000v2)EnGenius EPG5000EnGenius EPG600EnGenius ERB9250EnGenius ESR-1220EnGenius ESR-1221EnGenius ESR-1221 EXTEnGenius ESR-9710EnGenius ESR-9750EnGenius ESR-9750GEnGenius ESR-9752EnGenius ESR-9753EnGenius ESR1200EnGenius ESR1221NEnGenius ESR1750EnGenius ESR300EnGenius ESR300HEnGenius ESR350EnGenius ESR350HEnGenius ESR530EnGenius ESR580EnGenius ESR600EnGenius ESR600HEnGenius ESR6650EnGenius ESR750HEnGenius ESR7750EnGenius ESR7750GEnGenius ESR900EnGenius ESR9850EnGenius ESR9855GEnGenius ETR-9330EnGenius ETR-9350EnGenius ETR-9360EnGenius EVR100Enterasys RBTR1-AXEricsson AP 6321Ericsson W35Eumitcom WL11000SA-NEZVIZ CS-W3-WD1200GF-Secure SENSE (FSEC-SE161)FAST FW300R v9.xFAST FWR171 150MFAST FWR1713G v1.3FAST FWR171_150MFiberHome HG320 (China Telecom)Fiberlogic Matrix 21Firefly FireWRTFirefly FireWRTAC1200Flyingvoice FWR9502Flyingvoice FWR9600BFlyingvoice FWR9600Bv1Flyingvoice FWR9601FMI WE711APFon Wireless FON2303BFon Wireless FON2412 (BP0)Fon Wireless FON2412BP0Fon Wireless FON2412BPOFon Wireless FON2501AFon Wireless FON2501BFonera 2.0nFonera 2.0n (FON2303B)Fonera FON2303BFortinet FAP-210BFortinet FortiAP-14C (FAP-14C)Foxconn T07L028Free Crystal1Free Freebox 6 RevolutionF-GW06250AFree Freebox Crystal1 (F-ADSL05R)Freebox 6 Revolution F-GW06250AFreebox Crystal 1 F-ADSL05RFry's Electronics FR-300RTR rev A1Fry's Electronics FR-300RTRA1FTZ Oplink OPU1120Fujitsu Siemens AP-600RP-USBFurrion FAN17B8AGateway WBR-100Gateway WGR-200Gateway WGR-250Gateworks Ventana GW3056Gateworks Ventana GW5100Gateworks Ventana GW5200Gateworks Ventana GW5300Gateworks Ventana GW5310Gateworks Ventana GW5400Gateworks Ventana GW5410Gemtek CellPipe 7130 RG 6Ve.A4111Gemtek WHRTC-100GWGemtek WRTD-117GWGemtek WVRTM-127ACNGemtek WX-1520Gemtek WX-2211Gemtek WX-5803getnet GA-524WAGigabyte GN-B41GGigabyte GN-B46BGigabyte GN-B49GGigabyte GN-BC01Gigabyte GN-BR01GGigabyte GN-BR33V-RHGigabyte GN-BR402WGigabyte GN-BR404WGigabyte GN-BR404W1