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CGM portal is a digital platform that serves as a central hub for Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs). CGMs are medical devices that aid in managing diabetes by continuously monitoring glucose levels and displaying them on a handheld reader or smartphone.
The primary purpose of CGM portals is to provide a comprehensive view of patients' glucose levels, trends, and patterns over a specific period. This technology helps clinicians personalize medication, therapy, and nutritional plans effectively.
CGM portals record vital data such as glucose trends, time in range, high and low alerts, and insulin dosage. By seeing these metrics in real-time, healthcare providers can make informed decisions about diabetes management and help patients avoid complications associated with high or low glucose levels.
Some CGM portals aim to educate patients about self-management by providing helpful tips, educational materials, and resources. Patients can access their data, set personalization alerts, and share metrics with their health providers from the comfort of their homes.
CGM portals have proven to be useful in reducing HbA1C levels, improving overall diabetes management, and creating a more personalized care experience for patients. However, this technology has some limitations, such as cost, compatibility with specific CGMs, and the learning curve about how to use it effectively.
In conclusion, CGM portals are powerful tools that enhance diabetes management by aggregating and displaying critical patient data to health providers. This technology maximizes patient care and helps patients take control of their health, making it an essential component of modern diabetes management.

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CGM PATIENT PORTAL is a hosted solution that practices and patients access via a standard web browser using a secure login. No special hardware requirements necessary. *Availability of this functionality may vary with the EHR solution.


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