Eslip Canvas

Eslip canvas is a digital platform that is used to manage and distribute pay stubs or pay slips of employees. Employers can use this tool to create, distribute and archive pay slips in a secure portal. This can help companies maintain compliance with regulations and save time and money.
The platform allows for easy customization of pay slips, allowing companies to add their branding and logo. This can help to maintain consistency with other company communications and make pay slips easily recognizable for employees.
One of the main benefits of eSlip canvas is that it helps to reduce paper, printing and postage costs associated with traditional paper pay slips. This not only saves money for companies but also reduces their environmental impact.
The platform also ensures that pay slips are delivered on time, as there can often be delays with traditional paper pay slips. Employees can access their pay slips through the secure online portal, which is available on any device with internet access.
Eslip canvas also offers features such as custom reports, analytics and employee self-service. These tools can help employers to better manage their payroll and provide employees with more control over their pay information.
In summary, eSlip canvas is a digital platform that allows employers to securely distribute pay slips to employees. It offers many benefits to businesses such as cost savings, compliance, and customization options. With the analytics and self-service features, this tool can help companies better manage their payroll and employee engagement.

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NHIF: National Hospital Insurance Fund

3. Submit at your nearest Nhif Branch in soft copy (i.e on a flashdisk, cd, etc) NHIF will not accept:-Byproducts with no I.D numbers-Byproduct formats other than Excel (such as scanned images, pdf, etc)

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Create and manage invoices and estimates online, and track your time and expenses. eSlip is a comprehensive online accounting application for professional services. Available in multiple languages.

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