Istudent Uitm Information

iStudent UiTM Information: Empowering Students for Academic Excellence
iStudent is a web-based application that serves as the single point of access for all UiTM students to access various academic and administrative services. Developed by the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), this online platform provides students with an easy-to-use interface that enables them to manage their academic activities and obtain relevant information seamlessly.
In this article, we delve into the various features of iStudent and its impact on the student community of UiTM.
What is iStudent?
iStudent UiTM is a comprehensive online solution that provides students with access to various services related to their academic and administrative activities. With iStudent, students can view their academic records, timetable, exam schedules, e-learning materials, and even communicate with lecturers and other students.
Benefits of iStudent
One of the primary advantages of iStudent is that it empowers students by eliminating the need to rely on multiple systems to access information related to their academic activities. This saves time and effort that would have otherwise been expended on navigating different systems.
Through iStudent, students can also view their financial statements, and apply for financial assistance, such as loans and scholarships. This helps break down financial barriers to education for students who may struggle to pay fees and promotes equity in education.
Moreover, iStudent provides a platform for UiTM to foster a closer relationship with students, ensure students' academic success, enhance the quality of teaching and learning, and foster a better academic community.
Features of iStudent
Here are some of the key features of iStudent:
1. Viewing Student Records: A student can view their academic records, such as grades, attendance, GPA, and program enrolment history.
2. E-learning: Students can access e-learning materials, such as lecture notes, slides, and recorded lectures via iStudent.
3. Communication: iStudent comes with a virtual communication tool that enables students to communicate with professors, administrators, and other students.
4. Examination schedules: Students can access and view their examination schedules through the iStudent portal.
5. Financial Statements: Students can view their financial statements, including tuition fees and other expenses. Additionally, this portal provides students with a platform to apply for financial assistance.
6. Enrolment: iStudent allows students to enrol in courses, view program requirements, and check for program prerequisites.
7. Academic Calendars: Students can access academic calendars with essential dates related to the program schedule, assignment due dates, and other significant academic events.
The Future of iStudent UiTM
With the growth of digital innovations in the education sector, it is no secret that iStudent will undergo upgrades and improvements to deliver better services to students continually. UiTM will continue to explore opportunities for integrating new technologies to increase the user-friendliness and efficiency of its platform.
iStudent UiTM is an excellent online academic and administrative portal in UiTM. The platform helps students carry out essential academic activities such as enrolment, accessing e-learning materials, viewing examinations schedules, and paying fees. Undoubtedly, iStudent has played a critical role in facilitating a seamless learning experience for UiTM students.

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