6800G rev 02 Model AT&T Router

Router Model Login 6800G rev 02

IP Address

After obtaining a AT&T 6800G rev 02 router, in order to configure and make basic necessary changes like changing password, etc, you would need to log into the administrative page as the admin. In order to do so, you must follow the steps given below:

  • You would first need to select any device (personal computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.) to act as the mother device to be connected to the AT&T 6800G rev 02 router. You can either connect through an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. It is always advisable to use an Ethernet cable as using a wireless connection does not ensure that the connection will not suddenly break die to external issues during the login procedure.
  • Now, in your mother device, open your favoured web browser. It can be anything like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Now in the address search page, enter the IP Address to the admin login page of your AT&T 6800G rev 02 router. The IP address is usually printed on the base of the router or the packaging it came in. In case you cannot locate it, search default gateway IP Address for AT&T 6800G rev 02 and you will obtain your login IP.
  • After successfully entering the IP address, the admin login page will open up. Enter the default admin username and password. In most cases, the username is "admin" and password is "password". In case you cannot find your default username and password on your router, feel free to do a Google search to obtain the same.
  • After entering the correct username and password and pressing enter, the administrative panel or web page will open up. Here, you can make any changes or configurations to your AT&T 6800G rev 02 router.

In case you are facing any problems logging in, or you do not remember your username and/or password, refer to the troubleshoot section of this article for further assistance.

6800G rev 02 Default IP Address

In case all the above steps and procedures have not been helpful to you, maybe your problem lies in the fact that you have entered the wrong page entirely. This page is intended for users with 6800G rev 02 AT&T model. In case you are equipped with a different model router, make sure to visit their web page as that will help you in your log in procedure. In case you do have the same model intended for this page, re read the content and try the same steps after a system reboot. After shutting down the router and keeping it of for about at least a minute, restart the router and repeat the steps. In case you still are stuck with the login procedure or are finding any problems somewhere, contact your router company/brand or internet service provider and explain your problem to then in details. They will provide you with further experienced professional technical support.


In case you are having any troubles with the login procedure, there are a lot of stuffs that can be the source of the problem. You may have forgotten the username or password, an external source can have modified tor security credentials, or maybe you are on the wrong IP address entirely. We will now deal with all these problems specifically and show you how to get rid of them. Follow the instructions given below to sort the problems step by step.

  • In case you do not remember your login details like username or password, you can attempt to undergo the procedure of recovering then. You will be asked a few security questions which if you can answer correctly, you will be able to view your username and password.
  • In case someone outside has forcefully changed your login credentials, like your username and password has been changed without your permission, you might need to attempt a system reset. You can do this by first locating your router's reset button. Then, you need to press it continuously for about 10 second to begin your router factory reset. All the features will be recovered to the way it was when it was first manufactured. You now need to login with the default username and password.
  • In case the login page fails to load, you might be having some network issues. Plug of the Ethernet cable from the router and Jack it into another system, making sure that the network connectivity is functioning normally. If it is not, contact your internet service provider for further support.
  • Another very common error in case of router Login of you cannot access the admin login gateway web page is of you are entering the wrong IP address. You first need to locate the correct IP for the AT&T router which is ( It is usually printed on its back or on its packaging. Do not enter the wrong IP address as it will not function properly.

In case all the above method have been unable to be of your assistance, should contact your internet service provider (ISP) or your router brand tech support immediately for professional help, since you have already done everything possible from a home platform.


A router is a network hardware device which usually looks like a quadrilateral or cylindrical box with our without antennae-like projections on its surface. A router essentially converts a single internet source into a local area network. A router functions as the central brain of Ami Wi-Fi connection. It regulates and manages each and every form of information in the from of data packets, from one device inside the local network RI another, from an outside device to a device inside the network, or from a network device to outside. Intra-LAN and inter-LAN connections and communications are all looked over and checked thorough the router. And form of data inside the local area network first goes through the scrutiny of the router before it is sent for its intended destination.

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity and availability of the internet, routers are beginning to play a more important role every day. Internet now is basically the connection from one tor to another, forming a complex network of computers, devices and all kinds of systems sir across the globe and connected through a common form of communication, the internet, through these routers.