NEXX Wireless Router IP Address and Username Password

Accessing the NEXX Wireless router admin web page is an essential step necessary to regulate control over your own network experience. All essential procedures like change of password and username as well as accessory modifications like parental control can be activated or changed only through the NEXX Wireless router gateway admin page. Hence, it is necessary to understand the procedure for logging in.

Although NEXX Wireless is a widely acclaimed and recognised router brand responsible for the manufacture of an extremely large variety of router models, each customised differently to different needs, the procedure for logging into the admin panel of NEXX Wireless remains mostly unchanged and constant for all routers.

NEXX Wireless Default IP Address

You can pick the right IP Address of NEXX Wireless from the list below and click on Admin button. If you choose right, You will be redirected to your NEXX Wireless Router Login Admin Interface.


As discussed before, logging into the admin panel of NEXX Wireless is the first basic step to begin configuring your NEXX Wireless router. To do this, you need to follow the underlying basic steps:


    You would first require a device like a personal desktop, tablet or mobile phone with which you can access the admin login panel when connected to a NEXX Wireless router. You should also make sure that this device and the NEXX Wireless router exist on the same local area network. Now you should abide by the instructions given below:

    • In order to achieve this via a wireless connection, in case of a desktop setup, you would need to input the Wi-Fi user credentials in the Network Connections Panel. In case you are going to use a smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can simply select the 'Wi-Fi' option.
    • This procedure can also be completed easily using just ab Ethernet cable. The cable needs to be connected to the device you are going to use and the NEXX Wireless router on both ends, connecting the two. One point to be noted is that this method cannot be applied in case the device downpour contain any Ethernet cable ports.

    In order to access the admin panel, you would first need to open any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Mane sure that all the cache of the browser is cleared as certain cache files can hamper the login procedure. Also make sure to disable any add blockers, firewalls or vpn servers present. Once you have done that, you should follow these steps to enter the gateway IP Address of your router:

    • First click on the address search bar or url tab of your browser. Usually these are present at the top of bottom of the page.
    • Now you can type IP Address on the search bar of your browser and press enter.
    • This is generally present on the back of the NEXX Wireless router or the packaging it came in, but it can also be obtained though a quick Google search specifying the brand name and model number. Generally for NEXX Wireless routers, the gateways IPs are You can manually enter this IP Address also to enter the admin login panel.

    After entering the administrative login panel, you will be able to see a SSID or username box followed by a password box. In most cases, NEXX Wireless routers have 'admin' as username and 'password' as the password. It should be noted that both of these are based sensitive and no capital case letters are allowed. Also, sometimes, in case of internet service providers that supply their own routers, the username or password may be already charged by the ISO. In such cases, always contact your ISP and know the correct username and password. On entering then, you will be able to successfully enter the NEXX Wireless admin panel.

NEXX Wireless Default Logins

IP Address


It is always highly advised to change to password from the default one to a more private, personalized or secure one in order to avoid any unauthorised entry into the NEXX Wireless admin panel who can put changed that might restrict your network activity or may prove harmful to you.

The process of actually changing your login password after the first successful login is actually extremely easy. For that, follow these steps as stated below:

  • After first successful login, in the NEXX Wireless router Setup, go to Advanced -> Administration -> Set Password
  • You need to first enter the default password. Then you need to decide on the new password, enter it twice to confirm and press enter.
  • Pressing enter will make the new password permanent and you password update has been completed successfully.

Before changing and updating a new password, always remember to check the enabled password recovery box so that even if you do forget it later, your can always recover it.

NEXX Wireless Router Various Models

WT1510Uadmin / admin192.168.1.253


Now that you know the basic procedures involving NEXX Wireless router admin login and further configurations, you are good to go on your own. Here, however, we have provided you with the basic instructions required for some of the most commonly faced problems:


    In case you have forgotten your login password, it can be easily recovered without much hassle. All you need to do is follow some simple steps.

    • Open the NEXX Wireless admin login page by entering the NEXX Wireless router login IP Address into your browser’s address bar which is generally like
    • When it is loading, press on the cancel button. A new window will now be displayed, where you will initiate the process of your router’s Password Recovery.
    • To make the identification of your router unique, you will need to provide your router’s serial number which is usually present on the back of the router.
    • Next, you will be required to answer a few security questions and if you get them right, your old Admin Password will be displayed on your screen. Always write it down or save it or keep it close to yourself so as to not allow this to happen again.

    If you are facing further difficulties logging in to the router admin page, you may try to attempt a factory reset but pressing the reset button with a pin for about 8 seconds without letting go which results in entire factory reset. In other words, the NEXX Wireless router is essentially returned to the state it was in when it was first sent from the factory. If it still does not show any results, you may try the following:

    • Check whether the browser cache is empty or not.
    • Make sure the firmwares are regularly updated with no wares pending.
    • Multiple connections are not active. Only the one with the router is used.
    • Message sure all popups, add blockers, firewalls, anti virus and vpn servers are disabled.
    • Rebooting of the router after ten seconds waiting without power.

    If all the above method have been unable to be of assistance to you, contact technical and processional support as it is most possibly an error of the router.


A router is a network hardware with comes with two or more antenna like projections. Various companies like Eero Pro, NEXX Wireless, Synology, NEXX Wireless, Asus etc. are some of the most widely known and used router brands. In its basic sense, a router essentially connects a local area network to the internet. Now a days, the transport of information across the internet usually occurs from router to router, until it finally reaches its intended destination. A NEXX Wireless router acts as the centre of the network that oversees and regulates the exchange and transport of data from one system to another. Data usually travels in the form of small packets and the router determines from where a packet originates and its intended destination.

Usually, the most common places where we can see routers are residential and small office networks. The Local Area Network formed by a router that is connected wirelessly is usually known as a Wi-Fi. This has led to a common misconception of the terms Wi-Fi and router. A Wi-Fi thus refers to a common connection to the internet, but obviously, a stable network connection has to be already active for a Wi-Fi to exist. A NEXX Wireless router on the other hand has direct connection to the internet, usually via an Ethernet or fibre optic cable and allows other devices to connect through it to the internet, thus giving rise to a Wi-Fi network.

NEXX Wireless produce and manufacture powerful and robust routers which are made with high end equipments to provide the user the best service at the lowest possible cost. Routers are known to be easily hackable and anyone can enter unnoticed if proper security measures are not followed. This is why it is always a good idea to update your pass word regularly and never leaving any firmware or antivirus update patches pending because these greatly aid in solidifying the security, privacy and authenticity of any home based network systems and protect the member devices from uninvited guests.


Resetting a NEXX Wireless router in the final procedure in case all else has failed. In extremely dire cases such as when the user name and login password of your router has been changed along with the security questions by an outside source without your knowledge or permission. In such cases, no amount of troubleshooting is helpful for your NEXX Wireless router. But, resetting the router will completely remove any and all changes and personalization you have ever made on your router and bring it back to its factory settings. In other words, it will return to the way it was when you first bought it from the market.

Before beginning the reset procedure, it should be made sure that all other troubleshooting options like rebooting and password update are not working and it is necessary to undergo the reset procedure. The NEXX Wireless router reset procedure is a little complicated. So, you must follow the steps and instructions given bellow exactly as written because if you do not follow the procedure, no matter how much or how many times you press the reset button, it will not make any change.


    The reset button is usually hidden inconspicuously so as to prevent people from pressing the reset button involuntarily .It can be concealed inside a hole or some may also have the reset button stick out. In certain rare models, the WPS button can also serve as a reset button in disguise. In some cases like concealed in a hole, you may not be able to reach it directly and may require the aid of some sharp object like a pin to press the button.


    Ensuring that the NEXX Wireless router remains powered on, that is, the router has current supply and is turned on, press the reset button and keep holding for 30 seconds. Without leaving the button, turn off the power supply and keep holding the reset button for 30 more seconds. After that is complete, keep pressing the reset button while you turn the power supply back ok.


    Since the NEXX Wireless router has been returned to its factory settings, it is always advisable to change the password so that others cannot access and hamper your network settings. You can also configure secondary modifications like security measures and child settings to keep your network the way you are comfortable with. If you want to keep the factory settings you can obviously skip this step but it always recommended to improve security, privacy and protection.

Now, your NEXX Wireless router will begin its reset procedure. This is known as the 30-30-30 router reset method.